Welcome to the CANCER/EVOLUTION Streaming World Premiere

Stream the complete Episode 1 and a sneak peek at upcoming Episodes below.
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Episode 1: The Dustbin of History + 1 minute intro by Brad and Maggie
[53 min]
Sneak preview of Ep 2 and upcoming episodes. Don’t miss the last 7 minutes!
[41 min]

Brad is working as hard and fast as he can to get these out as quickly as possible with breaks only to raise funds for things like graphics, archival footage, music licensing, legal, insurance, etc., and to create marketing materials like trailers, YouTube clips, conference clips, etc.

Many thanks to our friend Benji Thiem who donated months of labor on the beautiful cancer graphics, Curtis Fritsch who donated his sound mixing time, Clearside for the discounted music licensing fee, Marissa Jones who has let us live in her condo for three years (eek!) while we’ve worked on this full time, and our wonderful donors – including and especially you.

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