Collect points by unlocking achievements. The person with the most points as of September 26, 3 pm Eastern Time will be awarded. If there are multiple people with the same point value, the winner will be selected from those with the top points by a random drawing.

Prize package details are coming soon. Expect a Keto-Mojo, books from our speakers, broccoli seed planting kit and more.

Shipping to the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia or New Zealand will be included. Contact us for shipping to other countries. Most will be covered in full. Note that this contest is only available to Summit attendees. You can register for the Summit here.


# Avatar Name Points
1 Brad Jones 500
2 Lynné Doran 500
3 Dan Colgan 500
4 Christina Hansen 500
5 Jose Cuervo 500
6 Genevieve Schlangen 500
7 Pia Jackson-Sigler 500
8 Dr. Bruce Lipton 500
9 Dr. Matthew Vander Heiden 500
10 Emma Williams 500

Available Achievements

Each achievement offers a different point value. Achievements can be earned one of 3 ways.

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